one pot wonder - bacon wrapped pesto chicken

Hi there!  How is everyone's weekend winding down? Chris and I have been pack, pack, packing away and getting everything ready for moving next week.  I've been trying to keep dinners super simple in order to save time for moving.  This dish is awesome because it's pretty simple and all the cooking is done in one multi-use pot. Yes, please!

I really really love our Le Crueset pans because they are very versatile, non-toxic and easy to clean.  They are also pretty non-stick when using some quality fats (I prefer to cook with stable saturated fats like coconut oil, grass fed tallow, lard, etc.).  The pan may look awful when I'm done cooking, but it always washes away super easily.  If you are debating about getting these pans...get 'em!  I'm not sure why I waited so long (besides the price, hello), especially with all the crappy pans I've been through!  They are super heavy and very high in quality.  I think these will be with us for awhile.  Chris found our big pot when it was on sale.  Many times Williams-Sonoma has some kind of Le Crueset on sale.  I'm not super fond of the purple color, but it works great.


Bacon Wrapped Pesto Chicken

by eatingRD, inspired by Primally Inspired

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